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Squirrels and the art of tightrope walking

Text and original photographs by Helen Jandamit






This is how it starts:

‘This is the book I always wanted to read. I couldn’t find it ‘out there’
so I decided to write it myself.’

‘I wanted to read about people’s actual spiritual experiences and how those experiences had impacted their lives both in their outlook and in their lifestyles.

Erm… but what’s that got to do with squirrels?

Like the squirrel on the line, I see people, who are trying to navigate
an awakened path through life like tightrope walkers.’





200 pages 30 illustrations  14.5 cm x 21 cm

Written, illustrated and published by H. Jandamit

Book Design by Amorn Ronra


Printed and published in Thailand

First published April 2015

Price 950 Baht

ISBN: 978-616-382-607-7



There are 20 chapters. The first 18 are based on actual experiences that triggered the arising of profound wisdom. The 19th and 20th chapters give detailed, step by step instructions for a traditional method of concentration plus mindfulness-based practice and also Loving Kindness’ meditation.

Most of the chapters are followed by quotes from various cultures and traditions and also by activities to help you wake up to your present moment.


About the author

Acharn Helen Jandamit
(Formerly Reverend Saddharma)


Helen Jandamit is a spiritual independent. Born in the UK, she’s been
practising Vipassana meditation for about 65 years and teaching it
for over 40 years in Thailand, Australia, Austria and the USA.

She is also a freelance painter, writer and editor.

She runs the House of Dhamma in northern Bangkok. Previously,
she taught Buddhist Vipassana Meditation retreats in association with
YBAT (The Young Buddhists Association of Thailand) and IBMC (The International Buddhist Meditation Centre) under the auspices of Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University in Bangkok,

In March, 2002, on the occasion of UN International Women’s Day,
she was honoured as the Foremost Western Woman Meditation Master
in South-east Asia.

Acharn Helen Jandamit can be contacted by email at

A sample passage from

'Squirrels and the art of tightrope walking'



Ice cube Dhamma


Our view of self is rather like a cube of ice. It is frozen into seeming form
with apparent characteristics and distinguishing marks, but when you
hold an ice cube, it melts. It runs out between your fingers.
Its fluidity and changing nature become apparent. However hard you try,
you cannot hold on to momentary solidity born of conditions.

Imposing interpretations, such as concepts taken from ancient texts,
onto your authentic experience of now, can be debilitating. It can lead
you to think that an armour of deadened feelings is preferable to
being open to your actual experiences.

It is when you can allow unresolved issues and feelings to be as they are, without shunting them into intellectually catagorized boxes, that you can be open to wider possibilities.

It is when you can embrace clumsiness, unknowing, forgetfulness,
passionate excess, timidity and even fear, that their power to demean,
restrict and imprison you fades away.








Price 950 Baht

ISBN: 978-616-382-607-7

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Squirrels and the art of tightrope walking


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