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Recommended websites




The Practitioner’s Quarterly

Buddhadharma is an in-depth,
practice-oriented journal for
everyone with a serious interest in Buddhism. It’s the one place you’ll
find in-depth teachings from all the Buddhist traditions, presented
in a way that applies
directly to your practice


Kundrol Ling
Retreat Center

Nongplub, Hua Hin

Thousand Stars Foundation

Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

Email :

Facebook :

Lion's Roar

Buddhist Wisdom for Our Time


Lion's Roar bimonthly
features exclusive
teachings, how-tos,
news and commentary
on Buddhism,
meditation and mindfulness.



Natural News
and the Health Ranger


Little Bangkok Sangha






Lotus Star -
Conscious Wellbeing

Promotes wellness through
educational workshops, sales
of bio energy products and
energy scanning equipment.


Uplift We are one

UPLIFT stands for
Unity, Peace and Love
In a Field of Transcendence


Tricycle Magazine
and Buddhist Review

This nonsectarian Buddhist quarterly publishes Buddhist teachings,
practices and critique.

It is an independent foundation
unaffiliated with any one
lineage or sect.


Angry Asian Buddhist


Anger is not a Buddhist virtue.
You’ll often hear Buddhists
describe it as a mental
defilement. So it is no surprise
that many people ask
“Why do you call yourself
the Angry Asian Buddhist?”