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Integral Awareness Meditation



Discover the potential lying unperceived within any present moment. Play your way to clarity of mind. Come to know - and let go of - the processes of mind that block your inner freedom. Revisit the presence and openness of the beginner's mind and reconnect with timeless wisdom within.

This matchless adventure is found in many wisdom traditions, but it is not limited to religion. It's all about focusing in on the now. While many Integral Awareness Meditation techniques can be found in the Buddhist tradition and are based on mindfulness, the scope and immediacy of this form of meditation is unlimited.

In each 2-day session, there are activities and games to help you tune into the present. There are formal calming down and focusing practices plus more intensive walking and sitting meditation sessions in the afternoons. In addition, a series of talks are given over several two-day sessions. Question time and feedback are interspersed throughout the day.

Although each Integral Awareness Meditation course is complete in itself, it is also part of a series, which builds upon the experiences of previous sessions. Due to the way the Integral Awareness process plays out, you can join any of the 2-day sessions as each will have a slightly different emphasis depending on the nature of the participants and the general situation at that time. Practising regularly gives the greatest benefit.

You do not need to be able to tie yourself in yoga knots or even sit cross-legged on the floor, but you need to be open to surfing the realms of the mind.




Integral Awareness Meditation 2017


2-day 'Integral awareness meditation' courses have been scheduled for the following dates.

Wednesday, February 22 and Thursday 23

Tuesday, April 18 and Wednesday 19

10am – 4. 30pm both days.


Courses can sometimes be arranged on request.

Minimum age: 17

Scheduled two-day sessions are 8,000 baht per person as a member of a small group.

The sessions are 7,000 baht per person as a member of a small group ( 2- 5 people) arranged by you.

10,000 baht for individual instruction

email applications must be received at least five days before the start of the course.

* Accommodation is not available at the House of Dhamma but a list of nearby,
reasonably priced hotels is available on request.

Please copy the questions below to an email, answer them and email them to
at least 7 days before the starting date of the course you would like to attend.
Please include a return email address so that you can get information
about making a deposit and payment details. You will receive confirmation
of your place, when the deposit is received.

Name of course



Date of course



Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms. + Name



Surname/Family name



Address in Thailand



Permanent address (if different)



Mobile phone










Please give brief details of any previous meditation experience.




For more information


Phone: + 66 2511-0439 (From outside Thailand) or 02-511-0439 (within Thailand)