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Deep seeing: The Art of Presence


Activities to help you tune in
to your environment and your inner world
plus techniques to convey your understandings
and insights to others through visual Art

Weekend small-group courses for adults

and Saturday classes for young children and/or teens



By appointment only in 2019

Please check by email for possible dates and times



Do you wish to experience more of the world around you?

Have you ever seen colour-patterned cells on a butterfly’s wing
or felt your hair falling softly to your shoulders?

Words seldom work well when attempting to share such incredible moments. 
Art, however, can convey your feeings and understandings to others on many levels at once.

When speaking doesn't work, sometimes drawing or painting or just playing with colour
can help you to ‘talk’ to your family and friends.

Colour and frequency can send messages to them.

Visual Art, music, dance and wordcraft can create a bridge from you to those around you.



Now accepting applications for weekend sessions:


Deep Seeing: The Art of Presence for adults

An innovative combination of Buddhist mindfulness and visual Art

Weekends from 10 am - 4.30 pm (two days).

Course fee for small groups of 3 - 4 people 6,000 Baht
Fee for a course set up for an individual or 2 people 8,000 Baht


Deep Seeing: The Art of  Presence  for kids


Deep Seeing: The Art of  Presence for kids and/or teens

Gather your own group of 3 - 5 participants

Saturday mornings 10.00 am – 13.00 pm

Course fee 5,000 Baht each for 4 mornings




For more details or to apply, email
or phone 02-511-0439 between 11 am and noon.

E-mail works much better.





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Phone: + 66 2511-0439 (From outside Thailand) or 02-511-0439 (within Thailand)