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Virtually everyone has been affected in some way by the Covid 19 pandemic. Many people are confined to home, officially or voluntarily. Many have lost their jobs, have limited income and are in isolation. Over the next few months, you can find free on this website, articles, videos (working on that one) talks and suggested activities to make positive use of your restricted circumstances.

The articles, videos and activities posted here are offered to give you options to find greater peace of mind. They are a lead-in to more formal Sati-based (Buddhist mindfulness-based meditation).

If you wish to go deeper, you can join a course at the House of Dhamma in Bangkok or contact a Buddhist centre near you. Group sessions at the House of Dhamma are expected to restart in January 2021.


Mindfulness activities and games for kids of all ages

These activities and games were developed over half a century of Insight meditation teaching, mostly in the English language, to groups of people who had limited knowledge of Buddhist
culture or metaphysics.

The mindfulness activities online here are suitable for children (from about 9 years old) and the young in heart.

In addition, a greater range of activities, to be held at the House of Dhamma, is planned for individuals and very small groups by appointment only. The plan is to begin in January 2022.

A collection of these activities can also be found in my booklet: ‘Buddhist mindfulness (Bare Awareness) activities and games’ by Acharn Helen Jandamit.

A less formal approach to mindfulness for those who are social distancing

In the present circumstances, some aspects of Buddhist Mindfulness - 'Sati' in the Pali
language - can be shared in a less formal way. Discovering Buddhist principles does not
have to be formal and serious. The playful and even some seemingly-absurd activities
posted here may help you tune into something magical.

Most of the activities and games in this series are very simple but they facilitate the arising of
new understandings and attitudes through first-hand experience.

If you wish to get philosophical afterwards, the experience brought to you through each
activity enlivens the ancient texts and instructions for meditation.

Feedback and enhancing communication

If you are in a group when doing the activities, they open communication channels and allow
you to enjoy the process of discovery in light-hearted ways. You may do the online activities
in any order you prefer.

When lockdowns have eased off, doing just one activity or game per session before engaging
in more structured practice is recommended (for adults).

After each activity, if you can share or discuss what you discovered with another person
(or people), understanding will improve naturally and almost without effort.

If you are in quarantine or doing social distancing, this might not be possible. If that is the case,
just make short notes immediately after you have completed the activity. Quickly note everything you remember. You can go over your notes later and add details. At a later time, you can share feedback with others practising in similar ways or give feedback to your meditation teacher.


General instructions

For each activity or game, there is a task (or more often, a series of tasks). Without looking at the question(s) cover them while you do the task. After you have completed the task, uncover the first question and answer it.

Note: You may not be able to answer the question if you had not been aware of it first.

If this is the case, spend a moment or two considering the question and then repeat the task
with a view to finding the answer. When you know your answer, continue with any following questions one by one.If you are practising together with others, you may assign one person
to be the questioner.

Only that person will see the question(s).
For each subsequent activity, switch the role of questioner.

There is no one right answer to each activity. If you discovered something real about the way
your mind and body work together – that is the right answer.

rite Right answers may vary from person to person or even from session to repeated session.

wrongg Wrong answers include guesses, copying the answers of others, trying to reason out a logical progression or just saying something to fill the space. 



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