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Discover your
healing crystals workshop


This workshop helps you intuitively recognize

your soul crystal,

the crystal for your body,

the crystal for your intellect

and the crystal for your spirit.

By request only

Weekdays 10.00 am - 12.30 noon


Workshop fees


3,000 baht for an individual and 2,000 baht per person for groups of 2 - 4 people.

These sessions can be set up by appointment on weekday mornings for groups (that you bring together) of no more than four persons


Most people know that crystals are beautiful and that they can be used to make stunning jewellery.

Fewer people know that crystals
can also be used for healing.

When you hold crystals or meditate with them; when you put them in special areas of your home or wear crystal jewellery, you continue practices which are as old as humankind.

Crystal therapy crosses the boundaries of religious and spiritual beliefs. It is no longer viewed as the domain
of alternative culture, but as an acceptable and more
mainstream complimentary therapy. Janelle Scialla

Whether you’re seeking out gemstones for their physical beauty or to bring peace and tranquillity into your life,
they all work to increase your vibrational frequency.

If you feel good when you hold a crystal in your hand
or have it touching your skin, you are practising an ancient healing art.

Adapted from


Do you know how to choose crystals, cleanse them and take good care of them? If you would like to find out, you are welcome to request
this workshop.



If you wish to apply, please email

stating the course you wish to apply for and its date. Please give your name and surname, your expected address in Thailand, your email address, mobile phone number or landline number, occupation and age.

Send e-mail applications at least 3 days
before the workshop






For more information


Phone: + 66 2511-0439 (From outside Thailand) or 02-511-0439 (within Thailand)