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Ordering 'Zenspiration'  'InnerVision'
and 'Metta and Karuna' Bookmarks
and card sets

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Ordering and delivery in Thailand

You can buy the card sets and bookmarks at The House of Dhamma in Jatujak district of Bangkok
from 10 am to 5 pm from Wednesday to Saturday.
Please contact by e-mail (or phone 02-511-0439)
to make an appointment before coming.

You can also order them by e-mail (making payment by bank transfer or Online in Thailand
or by Western Union from other countries and they will be mailed to you.




Cards and bookmarks are available from:

The House of Dhamma

26/9 Latprao Lane 15, Jompol, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900



Tel. 02 (in Thailand) or 662 (from outside Thailand)  + 511-0439

Open from 10.00 to 17.00, Tuesday to Saturday.

Please phone or e-mail for an appointment before visiting.



Ordering by e-mail

You can also order your bookmarks and card sets by e-mail.Please copy your answers to the questions below to an e-mail and send your answers to

You can pay by Western Union, bank transfer through SCB (Siam Commercial Bank) or online in Thailand.

Ordering and delivery from outside Thailand

If you are outside Thailand, you may purchase card sets or bookmarks by Western Union or bank transfer. For small orders, the bank transfer fee is relatively high so payment by Western Union is recommended.
Please write the answers to the questions below to
an e-mai and send those answers to

When they are received here, you will be sent the details that you will need to make payment. Postage and packing will be included in the price. Purchased items will be sent by SAL - Sea; Air; Land or, on request, by airmail.
Postage rates vary according to distance and the number items sent. SAL is cheaper.




Airmail charges

*For delivery to other countries in Asia, the charge for airmail starts at 116 Baht plus 20 Baht for packing.

*In Australia and Europe, postage starts at 146 Baht by airmail, plus 20 Baht for packing.

*The airmail postage charge to the USA starts at 176 Baht, plus 20 Baht for packing.

Delivery time varies from country to country but is usually between two and four weeks for airmail and 6 to 8 weeks for SAL. EMS (or courier) is faster but much more expensive.

These rates are subject to change.


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Order form

Inspirational card sets and bookmarks 

Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. + Name       
Surname/Family name

Email address

Address to send the items

If the items are to be sent to another country (not Thailand) do you prefer SAL, Airmail or courier?

Mobile phone   




180 Baht each for single items and 650 Baht for sets of 4.

(Minimum order to be sent abrod by post - 3 sets or 10 single items)



Number of single items

Number of assorted sets of four 




Inner vision



Metta and Karuna




Total number

Total number

Total price 



Card sets

Metta and Karuna (18 cards)   700 baht per set plus postage and packing

Zenspiration (sets of 32 cards) & Inner vision (sets of 32 cards)        
1,400 Baht per set - plus postage and packing 

(Minimum order to be sent abroad by post - 3 sets)


Number of sets



Inner vision


Metta and Karuna



Total number

Total price

How will you be sending payment?

Bank transfer

Online bank transfer

By Western Union


*If you need any further information, please email