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Buddhist Insight Meditation Courses in 2018
(also called Vipassana)


seated Buddha


Schedule for two-day
Introductory Courses in 2018

Held on the first Saturday and Sunday
of the month (or Thursday and Friday)
(10 am to 5 pm)

Saturday, January 6 and Sunday 7
Thursday,  February 1 and Friday 2
Saturday, March 3 and Sunday 4
Thursday, April  5 and Friday 6
Thursday, May 3 and Friday 4
New Friday, May 18 and Sat.19
Sat, May 26 and Sun 27

Saturday, June 2 and Sunday 3
Thursday,  July 5 and Friday 6
Saturday, August 4 and Sunday 5
Thursday, September 6 and Friday 7 
Saturday, October 6 and Sunday 7
Thursday, November 1 and Friday 2
Saturday, December 1 and Sunday 2

 Courses can also be arranged by appointment.



These two-day Introductory courses
are highly recommended for those who genuinely wish to practise Buddhist Insight Meditation, in the style of
Mahasri Sayadaw of Burma.

Course details


Introductory courses differ from retreats in these ways:

¤ They make clear the differences between Vipassana (Insight) meditation and Samatha (Calmness) meditation.

¤ They provide ongoing feedback in an interactive and personal way. The maximum number of participants is five.

¤ They are not silent throughout. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

¤ They are less intensive in approach.

¤ They assume that the participants’ life experiences that brought them to the course will be different and that each person is wonderfully unique.

¤ Whilst participants will be given a comprehensive explanation of basic Buddhist ritual, nobody is expected to participate in that ritual if he or she feels uncomfortable.

¤ The shrine room is air-conditioned and chairs are provided if preferred.

¤ Follow-up guidance is available

Course content

Participants will be given a theoretical background to Samatha (Concentration) meditation and shown how it differs from Insight (Vipassana) meditation. They will be shown how meditation forms an integral part of 'Bhavana" mental development and how it relates the the Noble Eightfold Path. They will gradually be guided through exercises to improve their concentration and bare awareness "sati", including standing, walking, sitting and lying down exercises.

There will also be feedback sessions (Sorb arom), Dhamma talks and discussions.


Courses will be led by Acharn Helen Jandamit



Course fees:
6,500 baht each for small group courses on scheduled dates.                             
6,000 Baht per person for a small group (2 – 6 people) at times arranged for you.                                     
8,000 baht for a course set up for an individual outside the scheduled dates.
The course book is 100 baht.

* Applications in writing must be received by e-mail at least 5 days before the start of the course.

* Instruction will be in English although meditation reports can be conducted either in Thai or in English.

* Participants should be in good health and will normally be over 18 years old.

* It is not necessary to be a Buddhist to attend but openness to Thai Buddhist culture is important.

* Meditators should wear comfortable, conservative clothing in light colours (white is preferable).

* The meditation room is air-conditioned, so you may need a sweater.

* Coffee, tea and soft drinks are available.

* There are many foodshops and coffee sellers within walking distace. A list of these is provided.

* Note: Accommodation is not available at the House of Dhamma but a list of nearby,
reasonably priced hotels and hostels is available on request.


Click here for One-day Insight Taster courses


Click here for Follow-up days for experienced meditators

Please answer the questions and email your answers to at least 5 days before the starting date of the course you would like to attend.
Please include a return email address so that you can get information about making a deposit and payment details. You will receive confirmation of your place, when the deposit is received.

Name of course


Date of course


Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms. + Name


Surname/Family name


Address in Thailand


Permanent address (if different)


Mobile phone







Please give brief details of any previous meditation experience.




Click here for Special One-day Vipassana Taster courses


Click here for Follow-up days for experienced meditators


For more information


Phone: + 66 2511-0439 (From outside Thailand) or 02-511-0439 (within Thailand)



For more information


Phone: + 66 2511-0439 (From outside Thailand) or 02-511-0439 (within Thailand)