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3-hour Insight meditation classes for those with limited experience

Thursday or Saturday mornings from 10 am – 1 pm at the House of Dhamma


Three-hour classes in Insight meditation can be set up on request for groups of friends.
The minimum number of participants is two and 5 is the maximum. you must be fairly fluent
in English and at least 18 years old.

No previous experience in Buddhist meditation is required.


Walking meditation outside at the YBAT meditation centre
in Pathum Thani .


Available dates in 2020

Saturday Mornings

Thursday mornings

January 4

January 16

February 1

February 13

March 7

March 19

April 4

April 16

May 2

May 14

June 6

June 18

July 4

July 16

August 1

August 13

September 5

September 17

October 3

October 15

November 7

November 19

December 5

December 17



Course fees for a 3-hour session

2 people                1,250 baht each

3 people                1,100 baht each

4 people                1,000 baht each

5 or 6 people           900 baht each


Note: Usually, you create your own group


If you do the class as an individual,
the fee is 1,800 baht.




Each 3-hour class will include:

An introductory activity

A overview of the Noble Eightfold Path and where it leads

A look at the three segments of the Mental development section of the path:

Right Concentration (focusing)

Right Effort (Building up and maintaining enough energy to practice efficiently)

Right Mindfulness

However, the main focus is on

Walking and sitting practice
with feedback and discussion.









Please contact the House of Dhamma by email at least 72 hours in advance of the date you require.
A deposit is required for your group.


If you wish to apply, please email stating which course you wish to apply for and its date. Please give your name and surname, your expected address in Thailand, your email address, mobile phone number or landline number, your occupation and age.
Please also say how many people will be in your group.